FairValue Consulting

FairValue Consulting provides real estate, personal property, financial instruments and business valuation services.
Further to that, FairValue can assist clients with financial advice and prepare business plans and feasibility studies.

FairValue Consulting Consulting started as a professional services firm in 2005 following the increase in lending activities in the banking sector, which, in turn, boosted the applicants’ demand for mortgage valuation services.
We have gradually adjusted to the market and have since performed valuation for various other purposes, such as valuation for financial reporting (recognition in the accounts), for value estimation in selling/buying, insurance purposes or insolvency (liquidation) proceedings.


We stand out as a benchmark of excellence and professionalism in the local landscape of valuation firms.

Not only thanks to our team, make up of valuation professionals with more than 10 years of experience, all members of ANEVAR (The National Association of Authorized Romanian Valuers), with a background of over 50,000 reports altogether, but also our impressive client portfolio (banking financial institutions, non-bank financial institutions, multinationals, leasing companies, micro-enterprises, large corporations, governmental institutions, etc.).

Our team’s experience is the guarantee of excellent, correct and prompt professional services.